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Paducah Criminal Defense Attorney

Will I Represent Anyone Charged With Any Crime?

Yes. No matter how terrible the allegations of criminal conduct may be, the accused deserves to have his or her rights protected. You may be guilty of the crime, but that does not mean the Commonwealth can prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You may be guilty of committing a crime but that does not mean you are guilty of the crime charged. Your rights must be protected from the first indication you may be charged with a crime.

By involving a lawyer sooner rather than later, I can help ensure your rights are protected. I am attorney Jeremy Ian Smith, and you can count on me to keep your best interests as my priority.

"You don't work for me. I work for you."
Jeremy Ian Smith, Attorney at Law

Paducah Criminal Defense Lawyer · Kentucky DUI Attorney

As a locally known and respected attorney, I have created a reputation of having a rare blend of professionalism and a realistic approach to my cases. My clients count on me for an honest assessment of their cases. I provide advice based on my training and experience, and I will always reconcile my client's wishes with his or her best interests.  If you do not want to take a plea agreement I have negotiated on your behalf, I am fully willing to go to trial to fight for your rights.

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If you have questions regarding criminal charges or traffic tickets in McCracken County or Paducah, Kentucky, contact the Law Offices of Jeremy Ian Smith.

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