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Why Did I Become a Lawyer?

In April of 1991, I was a passenger in a motor vehicle that was struck by a drunk driver. I suffered two subdural hematomas and a broken nose. I sustained damage to the right frontal lobe of my brain. I underwent emergency surgery. Luckily, I made it through the surgery and have very minimal impairment as a result of my injuries.

I was referred to a local attorney to represent me in my personal injury claim. He handled my case and worked with me until my case was finally settled years later. Over the course of the litigation, I became good friends with my attorney and he helped inspire me to be a lawyer. The other event that helped inspire me to become a lawyer was the acquittal of the drunk driver that nearly killed me. He was originally convicted at a bench trial, but was later acquitted after the judge ruled the blood alcohol level should not have been admitted into evidence. As surprising as it is to say, this made me realize that everyone, including a person who almost caused my death, was entitled to a defense and to have their constitutional rights protected.

To learn more about my education and experience, I invite you to follow the link below.

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